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digifob instant driver card reader

Ref: dfob

Price: 42.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Digital Tachograph made easy. The advent of the Digital Tachograph has created new challenges in terms of reading and managing Tachograph data. With analogue Tachograph charts it is possible for the trained eye to spot problems but with digital this is no longer an option.
digifob allows a driver or driver manager to view driver card data instantly and the latest version 3 is by far the simplest way to display data from a Digital Tachograph driver card. The data is represented logically and uses industry standard symbols to aid avoiding driver infringements. digifob is intelligent and contains one of the most accurate driver rules engines available within the UK. It is capable of calculating daily rest and break infringements based on the available card data.
Driver safety and working time:- digifob has been designed with driver safety in mind. By using digifob drivers can consistently ensure they comply wth EU regulations and in turn ensure that both they and other road users are safe. Transport managers can use digifob to quickly validate driver card data and ensure they maintain their drivers’ compliance. digifob automatically summarises working time by day or week.
The digifob is designed to give instant information. This is not a substitute for driver's hours analysis which is required by law!
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Digifob Pro2

Ref: dfob2

Price: 285.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


The fantastic Digifobpro 2 is the new and updated version of the superb original digifobpro with all the
latest technology to ensure you're fully up to date and compliant with your digital tachograph downloads.
With the Digifobpro, you can download & analyse from both the driver card & the Vehicle Unit. This latest version also comes with a host of new features including a full colour backlit display, easier navigation, faster processing & bluetooth connectivity. Click on the picture to find out out more about what this fantastic device can offer you.

Online Catalogue |  digifob Products