digifob instant driver card reader  Ref: dfob
Daily Drive: How much drive performed today and how much driving is left taking into account reductions.
Daily Rest Due: Advises the date/time that the next daily rest is due by taking into account any Daily Rest Reductions.
Week Summary: Displays drive and work time between the dates specified.
Weekly Rest: Displays the start date/time of a continuous period of rest greater than 24 hours and less than 7 days and its duration.
Long Activity: identifies a period of activity considered to be out of the ordinary perhaps caused by incorrect mode selection.
Inactive: A period of inactivity of 7 or more days. The date/time displayed refers to the start of the period.
!Driving Break Break Infringement; Insufficient break(s) taken in driving of 4hrs 30mins or more. Date/time refers to the start of a period of Drive which followed a valid Break or Daily Rest. The last 3 attempted breaks are shown.
!Daily Rest Daily Rest Infringement; Insufficient rest has been taken in the last 24hr period the date/time displayed refers to the start of the relevant shift.
!Daily Drive Daily Drive Infringement; The Daily Driving limit of 9 hours (10 hours if an extension is available) has been exceeded. The limit in force and the driving time are displayed.
!Weekly Rest Weekly Rest Infringement; Insufficient rest after 6, 24 hour periods following the previous Weekly Rest. Date/time shows the start of the 6 periods. Rests in excess of 45 hours and 24 hours are indicated.
!Weekly Drive Weekly Drive Limit Infringement; more than 56 hours of driving has been recorded in a calendar week. Date shows the week start.
!2 Weekly Drive Fortnightly Drive Limit Infringement; more than 90 hours of driving has been recorded in 2 calendar weeks. Date shows the fortnight start.