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                                    TACHPRO WHEEL NUT TORQUE RECORD BOOK


An easy to use books that helps keep a vital documented record of all wheel nut torque readings and adjustments.



Ensuring wheel nut torques are maintained at an optimimum setting is a vital part of any commercial vehicle compliance procedure.


These TachPro wheel nut torque record books provide an easy to use and accurate means to record the initial torque and any subsequent checks for tightness and provide a complete record as part of a vehicles maintenance history.


Following a wheel fitting, the wheel nuts are rechecked for tightness after the vehicle has stood for 30 minutes or after 40-80 KM (25-50 miles) by using a calibrated torque wrench that is set to the manufacturers torque value as per BSAU 50: part 2: section 7a:1995

The books are supplied with 25 duplicate pages that are numbered for ease of tracking and filing where needed.


25 duplicate numbered pages.


Code: 100219




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